Hello, I'm Quan!
I am a Vietnamese-born award-winning designer and illustrator based in Orlando, Florida. As a Sam Houston State University graduate and a Disney Graphic Designer,  I possess a passion for executing unique and memorable creative projects in innovative ways. With a strong focus on creativity, I have gained versatile expertise throughout my career.
I have discovered that design serves as a visual medium to solve problems, communicate storytelling, and provide immersive experiences. My abilities with designing have gained my passion for design through the process of problem-solving, researching, concepting, and developing mockups/prototypes.
In addition to my love for design and solving problems, I am also passionate about making videos, capturing photography, and learning lots of languages allowing me to connect with diverse audiences in many challenging ways. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunities that I have had in the field of design, and I remain committed to making a positive impact each day.
" As a Graphic Design professor, I had the privilege of witnessing Quan's exceptional talent and was impressed by his creativity, diligence, and strong work ethic.
Quan emerged as a dedicated student who consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to articulate his concepts, backed by thorough research and unique ideas, in our classes. His commitment to academic excellence and his passion for Graphic Design were evident in the quality of his work. I am confident that he will continue to thrive in his graduate studies in Graphic Design.
One of Quan's notable strengths lies in his research, particularly in the development of design concepts for various projects. He consistently displayed a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles. Moreover, Quan actively engaged in class critiques, offering valuable and constructive feedback to his peers. His ability to communicate his ideas effectively and provide insightful suggestions greatly enriched the learning environment."
- Emily Taehee Kim - Professor and Coordinator of Graphic Design at Sam Houston State University
" My first encounter with Quan was as a junior in our introductory Interactive course as part of our graphic design track. Quan showed great promise and was willing to go the extra mile to bring his work to the highest level. In his work, he possesses a rare combination of technical, creative, and multitalented skills and it is clear to me that Graphics including Illustration, Motion design, and UX/UI is his forte.
In my time working with Quan, I was consistently impressed by his exceptional talent, dedication, and passion for graphic design. His illustrations are intricate and thoughtfully constructed and help tell a unique story through his concept, composition, craft, and color. His innate sense of aesthetics and help to transform ordinary ideas into visually stunning works of art.
Of course, worth noting, he is an excellent team player who communicates effectively and collaborates seamlessly with colleagues and clients. In Quan’s case it has help him to accomplish with great initiative, insight, and a positive attitude."
- Sherman Finch - Assistant Graphic Design Professor at Sam Houston State University
Achievements & Certifications
AIGA Flux 2024 - Identity Finalist
AIGA Flux 2024 - Poster Finalist
AIGA Flux 2024 - Publication Finalist
AIGA Flux 2024 - UI/UX Finalist
Creative Quarterly 73 - Graphic Design Winner
Creative Quarterly 73 - Illustration Runner-Up
SALUTE 2023  - Poster Merit Award
WANTED 2023  - Best Interactive Design
WANTED 2023 - Illustration Honorable Mention
SHSU - Spring 2023 Commencement Spotline
SHSU - Deans' List and Presidents' Honors
Disney Internships - Certificate of Completion
Udemy Design Theory Typography - Certificate of Completion
Udemy Design Theory Color and Contrast - Certificate of Completion
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