Weston's was an American fast-food hamburger chain that existed from 1959 to 1975 and had 70 locations in greater New York.
In 1959, the fast food of the West Coast, McDonald’s, had yet to open any restaurants in the New York area. Two men from the valley, Harold Norbitz, and Carl Wetanson were on their way to California on a road trip and visited a McDonald’s in Chicago in the middle of their adventure. They were impressed by the concept of McDonald’s and decided to replicate the chain.
In 1975, Wetson’s was unable to compete with McDonald’s and Burger King after Wetson’s entered New York and decided to close all of its locations. Many New Yorkers have mourned the Wesson’s chain loss ever since it was established. The image below showcases the original brand of Wetson's
The Design/Guideline
With Wetson's having its personal storytelling, a branding guide for this chain is developed to communicate its history. With the idea of the road trip, the vehicle Speeding Burger was established that conceptualize this branding guide that will revolutionize the community after its closure. The Final guideline includes the marks, palette usage, typography, and brand in-use.
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