Poly is an interactive design and UI/UX project that promotes language diversity. "Poly" is a shortened brand name for "Polyglot," which refers to a person who can speak multiple languages. Through Poly, students can learn languages by connecting with instructors in one-on-one online tutorials through video chat. Poly's mission is to help students develop linguistic skills to live, work, and connect in a diverse world. While languages originate from around the globe, we believe that all students can learn a new language, and we consider this mindset crucial in today's society.
Through its mission, the brand animation of Poly transforms into a tree logo, symbolizing focus, knowledge, and education. The tree logo takes the form of the Greek letter "Psi," with leaves of varying sizes representing the growth of languages. The tree signifies growth and enables students to progress in their studies until they achieve fluency. The final deliverables encompass a walk-through of the app using micro-interactions, motion design elements, and a mock-up design showcasing the Poly app in greater detail.
Music: Space Rangers - Bout That Life
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