Willis Snocone
Since the 1990s, The Willis Snoball which was originally named before Willis Sno Cone Shop was transformed. This tropical-themed place is embracing the community of Willis, Texas to provide many experiences for the customers and their kids who can visit every day during the summer. Willis Snocone is dedicated to highly valued customers. The image below showcases the original brand of Willis Snocone.
The Rebrand
Part of the design process is to respect the history of Willis Snocone. Their current brand includes a simplification from the original brand to a more simplified brand that is recognizable to families and friends of all ages. It is described as an exciting, chill, and delicious place that will target the community; therefore, a penguin design was developed that will meet every target audience of all ages.
The color palette was chosen blue and pink. A pictorial mark of the cup is implemented as a penguin with the snow cone ball and spoon above the head to give it a uniform look that will target all audiences with the majority of younger children. Final Deliverables include a variety of collateral materials including stationery, packaging, mobile, apparel, signage/wayfinding, and vehicle.
Process / Sketches
Primary Mark
Secondary Marks
Mark Variations
Color Scheme
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