105 Cafe
In the 1990s, 105 Cafe was opened after taking over an abandoned gas station. The vision behind 105 Cafe was to create a diner experience that embraces the Conroe, Texas community and offers diverse experiences for families. Specializing in a wide range of breakfast and lunch options, including omelets, pancakes, skillets, benedicts, and more, 105 Cafe aims to provide a delightful culinary experience for the community. The image below showcases the original brand of 105 Cafe.
The Rebrand
Part of the design process is to respect the history of 105 Cafe. Their current brand consists of the serif wordmark representing the diner's environment that will envision the community.
The color palette was chosen brown and ember.  Final deliverables include a revised wordmark and new branding materials. Items would include the breakfast illustration warping out from the coffee, the takeout box packaging, coffee mug coasters, a skillet-shaped specialty menu, and many more.
Primary Mark
Secondary Marks
Color Scheme
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