Diversity of Spiritual Animals
The Diversity of Spiritual Animals is an illustration campaign that aims to raise awareness about our inner selves and guide us on a journey of self-discovery and purpose. This project encourages individuals to explore their innermost qualities and behaviors by connecting them with spirit animals. When encountering an animal in this context, it serves as a symbolic representation of the person.
The primary focus is on the felines, as they offer emotional support, instill hope, enhance mood, and contribute to human well-being. Through these captivating illustrations, the project seeks to communicate the unique personalities of individuals.
The final deliverables of the campaign comprise three illustrations featuring felines, creatively integrated into various products. These illustrations aim to inspire leaving a lasting impact on individuals' lives.
Process / Sketches
Spiritual animals are here to help guide us in our journeys. As humans, there is always a universal power that is here to protect us and guide us and how we are connected; therefore, the spiritual animal poster has broken up into three different elements of the phase along with a few sketches.
This creates an understanding of why spiritual animals are essential and creates meaning through life and personal stories through the connection of the Soul, Wisps, and Personality.
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