Winestry is a wine and chocolate packaging brand dedicated to the education of chemistry elements, which play an important role in our everyday needs. Chemistry enhances our lives in countless ways, contributing to the well-being of our bodies, and promoting and balancing our energy levels. Winestry offers a variety of fruit-flavored wines and chocolates, fostering a shared future that everyone can enjoy and celebrate together.
Meet Maegan
Maegan is the persona and the main brand character of Winestry. When she was young, she did not enjoy school until she took chemistry classes. Chemistry became an obsession after she discovered numerous experiments because she thought it was magical.
She is known as the chemistry queen and is ranked in the top 5% of students. which made her feel accomplished. Upon her university graduation with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, she celebrated with her friends by having a few drinks and eating chocolates.
The Products
The Winestry Brand consists of two sets of products. A set of 3 Wine bottles that act as a chemistry flask and a set of 3 chocolates including the packaging box that will further educate the chemical elements on the periodic table.
Additional items are developed including the infographic poster discussing what and how much percentage of substances are in the wine and a biography about Maegan, our brand character, and a take-out bag with the illustration of Maegan and the full Periodic Table.
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